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UPDATE l Powderhorn Sanctuary, Community Safety, & Equitable Development

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Sanctuary Updates:

  • On August 14th, police removed remaining unsheltered residents from Powderhorn Park in taking steps to adhere to MPRB Resolution 2020-267. At times during the clearing of resident property, heavy machinery was used. At least two people were arrested. Multiple organizations and entities offered services and supported residents with the transition to a new sanctuary or another temporary housing option.

  • PPNA will continue to call for ongoing coordination among elected and appointed leaders to more fully meet the needs of persons experiencing homelessness in the near- and long-term. The association will also offer recommendations regarding the need for more coordinated oversight of encampments by government entities going forward

  • Make plans to join this week’s bi-weekly update and listening session about this topic via Zoom. Friday, 8/21 at 4:30 pm. To register, click here

  • For more information, vist

Public Safety

  • The Mayor’s proposed budget for 2021 would divert staff from MPD to 311 to assist in reporting non-emergency crimes. It also allocates $2.5 million to the Office of Violence Prevention to implement a Cure Violence model of violence interrupters.

    • PPNA and other neighborhood organizations are in conversation with the Office of Violence Prevention to understand how we may be able to support this work

  • PPNA plans to host a Town Hall related to helping community members better understand what is meant by the terms “defund”, “reform”, and “abolish”. Follow us on social media to stay updated as event details are solidified.

  • If you’d like PPNA to host a focus group with your block club to hear about your vision for public safety and resources that could support it, register your block club here and we’ll follow up.

  • Consider getting involved with the South Minneapolis Public Safety Coalition and take a peek at our most recent framework. Find out more at

Equitable Development

  • PPNA continues to work in partnership with a variety of community leaders to ensure overall community health and equity is prioritized in recovery efforts needed in response to the civil unrest resulting from the murder of George Floyd. This group is working to establish a process for communicating updates on emerging processes, progress, and how the broader community can assist in the coming weeks.

  • The association recently outlined several Principles of Development as a starting point to help frame a way to consider priorities in this area. Help us further refine these principles by taking a six question survey here.


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