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Updates + Actions: Powderhorn Sanctuary / 8.9.20

What We Know:

  • The East side of the Powderhorn Sanctuary was cleared out on Monday, July 20th. Most residents moved prior to the 20th with assistance from local organizations and government entities. 

  • MPRB continues to take steps to enforce resolution 2020-267 to limit which parks are used as sanctuaries and to limit the size of each to 25 tents. Learn more from MPRB HERE.

  • $19 million has been allocated to build three new shelters in Minneapolis. To learn more, check out this story from the Minnesota Reformer HERE.

  • There is still a need for short- and long-term plans from elected and appointed officials that provide the necessary systems and supportive services that mitigates unsheltered homelessness, coordinate encampments when necessary, and produces more highly accessible and affordable housing solutions.

What is PPNA Doing?

  • Some neighbors have expressed concerns over PPNA’s actions related to the sanctuary as well as content on our website. Our board is working to formally address these concerns by August 14th. 

  • PPNA supports MPRBs resolution 2020-267 and continues to advocate for a deeper multi-jurisdictional coordinated response to assist unsheltered residents.

  • Staff continues to participate in weekly meetings, led by City, County, & State representatives, to understand coordination progress around encampments and additional steps and resources needed to aid persons experiencing homelessness.

  • PPNA will use input from residents, organizers, and those with wide ranging expertise supporting residents experiencing homelessness to craft a series of recommendations that aim to influence elected and appointed leader decisions to help mitigate a similar uncoordinated and underfunded response to unsheltered homelessness next year. 

What You Can Do:

  • The Mayor's proposed 2021 budget address is Saturday, August 15th at 11:00 a.m. This will be followed by future City Council meetings that review various aspects of the proposed budget along with hearings that provide time for public comments.  Take action by advocating for deeply affordable housing as a priority. 

  • Supply donations can be brought to United Methodist Church (3400 Park Avenue) Monday-Saturday from 1-5 pm.



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