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Get to know Minnesota Women for Political Change

In case you missed it, election day is next week! Tons of groups and individuals in the Twin Cities are working hard to get people to the polls (or vote absentee) before next Tuesday. We sat down with Ana Mendoza Packham, Development Director, and Gabbi Sparby, Advancement Associate, of Minnesota Women for Political Change (WFPC) to talk about why it’s so important to encourage political involvement.

WFPC is a local non-profit with chapters in high schools and colleges around the state that provides space for women, trans & non-binary individuals to discuss politics, grow, and step into their power.

When asked why it was so important to get young people involved in the political process, Ana said:

“People will say really cheesily, ‘young people are our future!’ But it’s true! One reason it’s so important to engage young people is to help them realize at a younger age that they can shape the world they live in and they can shape the political world they live in.”

In fact, WFPC believes getting people involved early is so important that they’re launching a program in middle schools so that students can explore their identity, beliefs, and values through writing.

Gabbi brought up that involving the local creative community has been really great and they believe art plays a role in politics as well.

"If people have talents they want to to offer or share, we are always open to ways they can participate that way."

You can get involved and support the work of WFPC by donating, following them on Facebook, buying their merch, or volunteering. Learn more on their website!



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