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  • Illustrated By Anni Rayas Fernández & Written

Panaderia San Miguel

As someone unfamiliar with Mexican pastries and desserts, walking into Panaderia San Miguel was the slightest bit intimidating. There aren’t many signs and are no lists of ingredients or descriptions. But there are rows and rows of sweet, flaky, chocolate-y desserts. Some look familiar, like a cake, donut, or croissant, and others were entirely new to me.

I asked the cashier what was most popular. She said, “It’s all popular; everything is good!” I didn’t have time to try everything, but I will say the couple of sweet treats I did try were delicious.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a bit of an adventurous spirit (or a love for Mexican pastries and cakes!), Panaderia San Miguel is a great option. Their desserts are super affordable, fresh, and so yummy.

Panaderia San Miguel

1623 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407



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