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  • Illustrated By Robert Repta and Written By Evelyn

Jakeeno’s the Pizza Haven

At 8p.m. Friday evenings a special thing happens in our Powderhorn household. That magical thing is an all-encompassing pizza and beer craving. The place to satisfy that cheese and bubbly beverage lust sits at 3555 Chicago Ave. This wonderful place is called Jakeeno’s Pizza & Pasta a family owned and operated Powderhorn hotspot.

Locals know this is a great gathering spots for families, date nights, or for a quick meal after work. The interior is a warm haven in the subzero Minneapolis winter temperatures. Even offering a discount if you choose the table by the door. In the summer the patio located outback is lush with mosquito repellent plants and drenched in warm lighting. Truly a second home with the perks of pizza.

Jakeeno’s has something for everyone like this writer’s favorite the bacon cheeseburger pizza. Other offerings include hot savory hoagies, all sorts of yummy pasta dishes, and the best chocolate cake. Of course, there is always the tried and true sausage or peperoni pizzas that never disappoint as well. And, if you don’t feel like going out to pick up your pie or pasta ordering online is an option.

One of the many perks of having a great pizza spot in the neighborhood is awesome daily happy hours. The $25 pizza and pitcher deal is the jam. Or, the option of a romantic date night including an appetizer, pizza, dessert and a bottle of wine for $35 is a stellar option.

If you haven’t tried out this family run local spot yet it’s highly recommended. Jakeeno’s also has a location in the Global Market. For more information check out Jakeeno’s website

Jakeeno's Pizza & Pasta

3555 Chicago Ave., S

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Tel: 612-825-6827

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