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Dead Media

South Minneapolis recently became home to Dead Media, a shop that basks in the very essence that our neighborhood stands for—a creative space that is “welcome to everyone.” Formerly owned by local punk poet, Paul D. Dickinson and John Kass, one of our city's best-known record dealers and owner of Go Johnny Go, it’s now purely volunteer-run and led by Simon, Holly, Walker, Cody and Collin. Their shared vision in the rebirth of Dead Media is to make their shop a part of a community that sells vinyl records, tapes, books, but also hosts live music, poetry readings and recent book launches. Packed with all kinds of unique treasures, even their window sills are lined with album promotions, concert flyers, and a few free cassettes from up and coming bands trying to make a name for themselves. Dead Media lives near the corner of 35th Street and Cedar. Be sure to stop in. It is a feast for your soul.

Dead Media

1828 E 35th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Visit Dead Media Online

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