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Beyond The Meeting: 4 Ways Board Service At PPNA is More Than Meetings

When you think about serving on a Board of Directors, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably meetings. Well no Board can function in a healthy way without them, we wanted to highlight a few of the other sides of Board Service.

1. Board Members Represent PPNA's values throughout our community

PPNA connects, inspires, informs and advocates for our neighborhood and we've been at it since 1980! The PPNA Board is a representation of the organization in community. They help us spread the word about events, projects and community issues. They help point neighbors to the right place to get information or access resources, and they even volunteer with other important organizations throughout the community.

2. Board Members are part of the team that powers community events

PPNA Board Members are an important part community events. They help plan and execute iconic events, like the Powderhorn Art Fair and Porchfest.

3. Board Members serve on cohorts that focus on key community issues

The Board holds regular meetings six times over a calendar year, but they also serve on cohorts relating to housing justice, economic development, community events and more! These cohorts take a deeper look at opportunities and issues impacting our community and help drive work surrounding them.

4. Board Members have fun!

From creating deeper connections with neighbors to making a difference in Powderhorn serving on the PPNA is a fun and important way to give back. Even our meetings kick off with a light meal...consider running for the Board this Fall and making an impact in Powderhorn with PPNA!

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