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Powderhorn Shark Tank: Where are they now? Hamburguesas El Gordo

Second place in the Expanding Category, Hamburguesas El Gordo, has seen major growth since the April 2018 competition.

Their prize money went directly toward purchasing outdoor signage. Claudia Gutierrez, owner of Hamburguesas El Gordo, felt that quality, well-designed signage was an investment they wanted to make in order to represent their neighborhood in the right way.

"After [Powderhorn] Shark Tank, we became known in Powderhorn by more people in the area that weren’t aware that we were open before. It also encouraged us to keep aiming for an excellent service and food because people do actually notice and appreciate that"

-Claudia Gutierrez

Now, Claudia and her team are excited to be opening a new location in St. Paul. Their return is the result of a lot of searching and hard work to find the perfect spot, and they are extremely happy to be expanding and sharing their delicious food with more people!

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