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The Future of Neighborhood Funding

Join PPNA for a public meeting about the Future of Neighborhood Funding

Monday, March 11th, 6-8 pm

Powderhorn Park Recreation Center

3400 S 15th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Over the last four years, the City of Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Relations (NCR) department has been working to re-examine the way neighborhood groups are funded through the Community Participation Program.

Recently, NCR came out with a set of recommendations. After review, PPNA's staff and board members feel the proposed framework fails to address a key opportunity for more successful neighborhood organization work: we need to ensure neighborhoods are supported by healthy and sustainable organizations.

PPNA’s recommendation is outlined in the graphic below. We believe by addressing the health of neighborhood organizations first and then funding according to the amount of work an organization is realistically able to support, organizations are best positioned to drive outcomes that deeply engage their community.

We need the support of residents to ensure neighborhood organizations and groups across the city are able to support dynamic community engagement that drives positive outcomes.

On Monday, March 11th, PPNA will host a public meeting at the park on this matter. We will inform community members of the issue, provide more detailed information on our perspective, and provide attendees with an easy way to directly give their feedback to their city council member. We hope you’ll join us!

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