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New Timeline: Neighborhoods 2020

**If you haven't been following the Neighborhoods 2020 changes, check out this blog post**

Good news for neighborhoods! The City Council PECE Committee heard over 40 comments at their public hearing for the Neighborhoods 2020 Resolution, and have decided not to pass it. Instead, they have asked NCR to collaborate with CURA to further develop the framework.

To understand why we asked the committee not to pass the resolution, check out the video below of our Executive Director, Tabitha Montgomery, giving public comment.

What we know:

Funding for 2020 is secure. The changes related to Neighborhoods 2020 won't go into effect until the following fiscal year. We also know that there will continue to be funding for neighborhood non-profits for the next 5 years; the Council has earmarked those funds in a 5 year budget projection. We don't know the details of that future funding, but there will be continued funding.

What's next?

The PECE Committee approved an addendum with a revised timeline for the Neighborhoods 2020 Framework.

By October 28th, NCR will work with CURA to complete the resident-led process of furthering the framework and developing specific program guidelines. The committee has specifically asked that the framework include:

- More development of program goals and outcomes

- Specific metrics to measure progress toward goals

- Development of a logic model

- A meeting of the Governance and Funding workgroups that also includes stakeholders from the NRP Policy Board, NCEC, and residents who currently are and are not involved with their neighborhood association

- A budget-neutral structure of NCR designed to best support neighborhood associations

- A defined funding stream for ongoing funding of this work

The work will be reported back at the PECE Committee meeting on Ocotber 28th and will be posted for public comment.

The PECE Committee will review the final draft of the framework on November 18th and then would be approved by City Council on November 22nd.

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