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Centerpoint Project in Powderhorn This Summer

After learning about upcoming projects (Minneapolis 2019 Belt Line Project and Diamond Lake Area 2018 and 2019), PPNA wanted to make sure our community was informed about how the project will impact them. Centerpoint crews will be replacing existing natural gas mains and service lines; moving inside gas meters to outside of customers’ homes and/or businesses; and restoring these areas after construction. We asked Communications Specialist Hannah Gullickson to answer a few questions:

-Will this project affect energy costs in the neighborhood? If so, how?

This project will not affect the energy costs in the neighborhood.

-What is the benefit of moving gas meters outside?

The benefit to moving gas meters outside are listed on our web page here. In a summary, the benefits are as follows:

  • Less inconvenience to customers when routine maintenance and inspections are required

  • We will typically no longer need to come into the home to perform routine tasks

  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, outside natural gas meter locations provide emergency responders easier access to the natural gas valve that serves as the main shut-off to the natural gas in the home.

  • Some houses in the project areas will also have the natural gas service line that runs from the main to meter replaced.

-Will crews be entering peoples' homes or businesses? If so, how and when will people be notified of this?

By now, the customers along our construction route should’ve received our yellow door tag with the headline “CenterPoint Energy is coming to your neighborhood!” Prior to the connections, the residents and businesses should be receiving another door tag talking about our connection work. When the crews are on site, the foremen will go from house to house scheduling two- to three-hour appointments. If any meters are currently inside the home, the crew will move them, replace the natural gas service line, and install the new meter outside. For any questions about the meter process, customers can call me at 612-321-5546 or speak with the foreman when he schedules the appointment.

-Where can I find information about the timeline for this project?

To sign up for weekly updates on our schedule, which includes the entire project route, please visit the project’s web page here. Any changes in this schedule is coordinated between CenterPoint Energy and the City of Minneapolis.

More information is available on my company’s website at, where anyone can sign up for weekly updates.

If you have more questions about this project and how it will impact the neighborhood, leave a comment or email I have a phone conversation scheduled for 6/24 with Centerpoint and can get answers to any further questions at that time!

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