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Who will win 'Best In Show' at the Powderhorn Culinary Arts Show?

The first-ever Powderhorn Culinary Arts Show is tomorrow (October 19th) from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. in Powderhorn Park! Meet the finalists and get ready for an amazing event full of food, drinks and pop-up experiences!

Meet Ameeta Jaiswal of Panache!

Entry Beverage: Apple Juice with Fresh botanical Infusions – mint; ginger; turmeric, elderberry.

About Panache: Health conscious consumers want the benefits of daily doses of turmeric, ginger, mint and elderberry. There are no easily accessible turmeric, ginger, mint and elderberry products that are regulated by health code, transparently labeled and sold in a trusted source. We take special care to infuse different botanicals into our apple products; the strains marry gently and naturally as appropriate, as if one is talking to the other. Our philosophy around this practice stems from the benefits of Ayurveda medicine: when two properties mix over time, gently, as they see fit, you achieve better results. Only regional 100% apple juice is used; no additional sugar, no additives – chemicals, colors, artificial flavors or preservatives. Our products provide a potent combination of natural vitamins, minerals and fiber. Juices are FDA approved, flash pasteurized and bottled locally

Meet Jyoti Kistner of Muddy Tiger!

Entry Dish: Vada Pow (aka Bombay burger) is a spiced potato patty coated in chickpea batter and fried, served on a bun with arugula topped with our sweet-spicy chutney duo (date-tamarind and mint-cilantro), grated Indian cheese.

About Muddy Tiger: Muddy Tiger - Indian Street Food was founded by Jyotiee Kistner and Andrew Kistner. It has its roots in Pune's street food culture in India. With thousands of recipes and many regions in India having their own local cuisine, Jyotiee learned that she loves creating and sharing her own food. Most of her inspiration is drawn from the street food of Western India, specifically her home city of Pune. It brings Jyotiee great pleasure to share a part of her culture and give a taste of the traditional street food that is enjoyed every day across the Western region of India.

Meet Meggan Kerkenbush of Bridgeman's!

Entry Dish: German Chocolate Nachos

Cinnamon sugar pita chips with Bridgeman's German Chocolate ice cream, covered with a drizzle of bourbon caramel and crushed pecans. Finished off with whipped cream, a cherry and dusted with chocolate covered coconut flakes.

About Bridgeman's: In the Midwest, just the mention of Bridgeman’s Ice Cream will stir up sweet memories for many. Chester and Roy Bridgeman opened the original Bridgeman’s Ice Cream Shoppe in Duluth, Minnesota in 1936. Crafted with only the highest-quality ingredients in crowd-pleasing flavors, Bridgeman’s ice cream became a Minnesota tradition. Today, decades later, we’re still family run and proud to continue their sweet legacy in grocery stores and scoop shops throughout the midwest.​

Meet Jametta Raspberry of House of Gristle!

Entry Dish: Crab Caramel Pork Belly

Crispy pork belly glazed with a crab caramel sauce and garnished with fresh chilies, cilantro and green onion

About House of Gristle: A safe landscape in the greater food world that fills voids for women and people of color who have had few other alternatives to express their art. Gristle may (or may not) be a restaurant, a magazine, a pop-up, a brand, an awards ceremony, a party (or parties,) a network, a podcast, or any number of things in between or beyond.

Meet Manny Winston of Shear Taste!

Entry Dish: Pork Belly Tacos with Bread Fruit, Pineapple Pico with Passion Fruit Reduction

About Shear Taste: Specializing in Afro-Latino, Caribbean Style cuisine while utilizing global spicies, while offering other global cuisine options to satisfy your food palette

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