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Open Plea to Elected & Appointed Leaders

Resident Sanctuaries & Encampments

Do better. PPNA is fully aware that you have heard from numerous Powderhorn constituents about the intra-governmental response needed to provide safe and dignified shelter and housing for residents experiencing homelessness. The association is also aware that you have heard the very real concerns of numerous residents, organizers, and housing activists that the current encampments in Powderhorn and throughout the City present health risks, safety voids, and undue responsibility on citizens striving to step-up to a need that clearly demands a full-throated multi-jurisdictional response.

The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB) Resolution 2020-263 that will be taken up at tonight’s July 1st board meeting not only disregards the reality and magnitude of the sanctuary at Powderhorn, it provides the most salient example to-date of a multi-jurisdictional failure for addressing resident needs.

Yes, it is important to adhere to CDC guidelines to support the safety of traditionally housed residents and residents within sanctuaries. And yes, this requires transitioning residents within sanctuaries to alternate and adequate shelter, and permanent housing. What is not needed, what Resolution 2025-263 exacerbates, is the glaring and remaining absence of a multi-jurisdictional response.

Given the 10 tent guideline for a maximum of tent parks within the system as outlined in Resolution 2025-263, and the estimated ratio of persons per tent at Powderhorn Park as stated in the resolution; where does MPRB and its other municipal peers plan to send, and how do you plan to support, the 585 souls who will be pushed, shoved, and relegated to the shadows once more.

Dozens of questions remain, including who picks the 10 parks allowable as sanctuaries, and when will the 10-tent guideline be enforced on 585 residents sheltering at the Powderhorn Sanctuary? Lastly, as elected, and appointed leaders for the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, and the State of Minnesota a central question is whether you believe you can do better.



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