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Community Development Updates / Oct. 13th, 2020

Recovery, Renewal, & Healing 

Events of 2020 continue to have a massive impact on people, places, systems and our community overall. Organizations and individuals are hard at work to support the recovery, renewal, and healing needed now and into the future. This update highlights a few things we know about ways the community can engage and support some of this work now. HEALING

  • A group of community residents are offering Wellness Wednesdays between 4 – 6 pm in the Graffiti Garden next to Modus Locus and Reverie Café. Some local practitioners are offering access to massage, talking circles, crystal and chakra healing to name a few. You can direct questions to Kathleen Sullivan at

  • PPNA has partnered with Restorative Wellness Response in hosting two recent Self-Care Fairs on the grounds of the association’s office. These fairs offered access to free massage, yoga, chiropractors, acupuncture, free lunch, and more. PPNA primarily provided access to the space and plans to help support and promote future fairs that this group plans. Check out a brief video about these events HERE.

  • Help PPNA better understand health and wellness needs across the community. This insight will influence how we can identify and advocate for resources to support these needs. SURVEY


  • The Lake Street Council, Neighborhood Development Center, and Seward Redesign are just a few organizations working together as part of the Lake Street Recovery Leadership Coalition (LSRLC). This group is helping to provide immediate support for local businesses, working to influence redevelopment plans, and advocating for resources to support the long-term recovery. This work is needed and will continue over the foreseeable future.

  • PPNA was invited to help engage in LSRLC’s efforts. We are part of a sub-committee working to help launch a campaign that will strive to provide ongoing updates about various recovery, engagement, and redevelopment efforts happening along and near the cultural corridors affected by the recent riots that arose from the civil uprising in response to George Floyd’s murder. This campaign is called REACH Twin Cities. You can learn more about this collaboration HERE

  •  The association is also in the early stages of working alongside Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CANDO) and Corcoran Neighborhood Organization (CNO) on ways to inform the community about how we might work together to influence longer term development projects in connection to the memory of George Floyd. If you are interested in helping these efforts, please send an email to


  • Target has already begun the redevelopment of its East Lake Street store. You can check-out an update on some of the ways they are attempting to recover in light of the civil uprising and ongoing calls for equity and justice HERE.

  • U.S. Bank has also announced plans for each of its three branches that were impacted during the riots. This includes investing into the location located across from the Midtown Global Market into a flagship branch, and moving the operations of their location east of Lake and Hiawatha at 2800 East Lake Street further east; and donating the site to a to-be-determined community-centered developer to maximize the overall square footage and utilization at the site. Learn more HERE.

  • PPNA also became aware by representatives of the City’s Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED) department that the city has begun to apply a Racial Equity Impact Analysis (REIA) against various decisions, policies, budgets, etc. across the enterprise. You can learn more about this approach HERE.



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