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Eviction Defense Resources

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Governor Walz declared a Peacetime Emergency through August 12, 2020. Most evictions in Minnesota are on pause during this emergency. After August 12th, more people in the community may be facing eviction.

After the Peacetime Emergency ends, a landlord could file an eviction. The court papers for eviction are called a Summons and Complaint. The tenant must get the court papers at least 7 days before the court hearing. It is hard to know if you will have to move, how much time you might have to move, if you will have to pay rent that you owe, or if you can simply stay in your current home after the court hearing. But the eviction process in Minnesota is very fast. Get legal advice right away. 


  • HOMELine - providing free legal advice to any renter in MN

  • Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid - represents renters in eviction court

  • Legal Rights Center - provides free legal representation to low-income people

  • Inquilinxs Unidxs - helps tenants organize and supports eviction defense organizing

  • Rental Assistance - more rental assistance funds have been made available for Hennepin County, and many applicants who received funding in the last year or who have been denied assistance previously are now qualified.

Recommended actions for renters:

  1. get to know other people in your building or other people with the same landlord

  2. if an eviction is filed against you, get a lawyer (available to many low-income renters for free through MN Legal Aid) and show up to court

  3. Inquilinxs Unidxs may be able to help you organize or connect to other renters facing eviction

If you're not at risk of eviction, you can text STAY to 474747 to stay up to date on eviction defense opportunities from Inquilinxs Unidxs



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