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Funky Grits

Jared Brewington is almost bursting at the seams; he’s so excited to bring some delicious soul food to Powderhorn Park and promote community. With a retro, “70s tupperware” scheme (it works, trust me) and a menu chock-full of fresh and exciting ingredients, I can’t wait to bring all my friends.

The counter-service restaurant employs youth in the community and seeks to stay community-minded as it grows and develops. Funky Grits hopes to establish itself as a lunch and dinner favorite in the neighborhood. After getting a sneak-peak, it’s clear that every detail, from the menu to the floorboards to the playlist, was curated with love. They’ve only just opened, so you can be among the first to visit. Be sure to stop on by!

Funky Grits

805 E 38th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55407



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