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Midtown Greenway up for Final Park Board Vote!

At their meeting on June 21, Minneapolis Park Board Commissioners on the Planning Committee voted to approve a NEW resolution to Complete the Midtown Greenway Master Plan!

Now, the resolution to complete the Master Plan goes to the full Park Board on Wednesday, July 5. We need 5 votes for the resolution to pass.

The meeting will be at 5 p.m. If you would like to attend or provide a comment for the public record, here is the information:

Park Board Commissioners previously were going to vote on a resolution to kill the Greenway Master Plan. This NEW resolution from Commissioner Becky Alper is different - it is a positive, PRO Greenway resolution to complete the Master Plan. Thank you Commissioner Alper!

If the Master Plan is completed and approved, the Greenway will become an official Regional Trail. This will elevate its funding and status, and support our efforts to extend it over the river.

Will you make one last effort to contact Park Board Commissioners? Ask them to support the resolution directing staff to complete the Midtown Greenway Master Plan.

How to contact Park Board Commissioners:

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Attougui Essam
Attougui Essam
2 days ago

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