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Partner Spotlight: The Alliance

The Alliance advances racial justice and equity in economic growth and land development in the Twin Cities region -- this includes advocacy and organizing around housing, small business, workforce, transit routes, and more. They build powerful coalitions of grassroots organizations deeply connected to the region’s Black, Indigenous, immigrant, African, Asian and Latinx communities to work toward transformative systemic change that increases wealth, access, and inclusion for our communities.

They're proud to collaborate with Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association on housing justice issues through the Equity in Place coalition and Housing Justice League, as well as on economic justice for BIPOC entrepreneurs through the Business Resource Collective.

Learn more about our work at and subscribe to their bi-weekly e-news The Link here!


The Alliance

PPNA is proud to serve on the following coalitions with The Alliance: Equity in Place Coalition, Housing Justice League, and Business Resource Collective.


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