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Public Comment: Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) Land Policy Updates

A draft of the updated Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) Land Policy is open for public comment until March 17, 2022.

The updated MPRB Land Policy will guide land policy and procedures. This draft of the updated MPRB Land Policy deleted superfluous and non-directly related sections; added other smaller, but more relevant policies that resided elsewhere; and further expanded other portions of existing land policy and procedures.

Use the links below to view the policy and send feedback:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the draft updated Land Policy.

Is the updated Land Policy subject to approval by MPRB Commissioners?

Yes, the MPRB Land Policy is a Board public policy and must be approved/adopted by the Board of Park Commissioners.

What is the best way for me to share my opinion on the Land Policy?

Complete the Online Feedback Form. Share the form with anyone who may be interested with this link:

Is an Encroachment License different from an Encroachment Permit?

No. “Encroachment Permit” has been the title/term used in the past and until now. A permit normally refers to short-term and non-permanent use of land. The rights granted to a property owner with an approved encroachment more accurately constitute a license and not a permit.

Are current encroachments “grandfathered” in? Will they be allowed to remain in place?

Only encroachments that have been Board-approved and documented are valid and remain valid. Property owners who have encroachments that are not Board-approved and documented, need to apply for and obtain for such. Currently, the Minneapolis park system has many instances of these unapproved encroachments. Section 2 under Encroachments in the Draft Update of MPRB Land Policy further explains encroachment licensing.

Are Encroachment License fees charged on an annual basis?

No. The fees for an Encroachment license currently cover the life of License.

How are Encroachment License fees determined?

Encroachment License fees are based on the requested area of the encroachment and the assessed valuation of land in the area, along with an administrative fee.

What are the next steps or what is the process?

The ongoing public comment period for the MPRB Land Policy offers an opportunity to review the draft. The comment period opened November 27, 2021 and will close March 17, 2022.

After the Public Comment period closes, feedback/survey results will be tabulated and summarized. The draft will be updated after MPRB project team and leadership team meeting(s).

A final policy will be presented to the Board during a regular Board meeting for consideration of approval. A public hearing will take place at that time.


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