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Public Comment on the Transportation Addendum to the Public Engagement Plan

From Metropolitan Council:

Public hearing

We will host an in-person public hearing on June 27 at the Met Council’s Transportation Committee. The committee meets in Council Chambers at 390 Robert St. N., Saint Paul, MN 55101. The meeting begins at 4 p.m. here to Register here to comment at the public hearing.

About the addendum

The Metropolitan Council is taking comment on an update to the Transportation Addendum to the Public Engagement Plan.

This addendum is responsive to the guidance provided in federal law (23 §CFR450.316) requiring Metropolitan Planning Organizations to develop a participation plan that defines a process for providing community members and other affected parties with opportunities to participate in the metropolitan transportation planning process.

This update ties directly back to the Met Council’s Public Engagement Plan, adopting its engagement principles and building on its measures for success. The addendum expands and clarifies the definition of historically underrepresented people, includes the Met Council’s adopted government-to-government tribal relations policy, and updates and categorizes engagement methods to align with the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation.

Public comment open through 7/11

Complete this form to provide comments on the Transportation Addendum to the Public Engagement Plan from May 26 through 5 p.m., July 11, 2022.

You can also submit comments through:

  • Mail: Metropolitan Council, 390 Robert St. N., St. Paul, MN 55101

  • E-mail:

  • Public Comment Line: 651-602-1500

For more information, contact senior communications consultant Sara Maaske at


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