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Empower Community: New & Improved Resource Library

Updated: Jun 27

We are excited to announce our new and improved Resource Library! About a month ago, we asked you, our wonderful neighbors, to help us craft a resource library that meets your needs. Our updated library includes new resources based on your community feedback and is formatted for accessibility and ease. Thank you to everyone who shared their insights—your contributions help our community thrive. PPNA is dedicated to supporting and empowering our neighbors, knowing that well-supported communities are the strongest.

Survey Results Overview

From our survey results the top 5 requested resource categories were as follows:

  1. Mental Health Resources

  2. Housing Resources

  3. Conflict Resolution/Alternatives

  4. Financial resources for low-income families

  5. Harm Reduction Organizations

Some notable responses from the survey highlighted a strong desire for services specifically tailored to the Powderhorn area. Respondents expressed a significant interest in youth resources, emphasizing the importance of providing support, activities, and opportunities for our younger community members.

Additionally, there was a clear call for programs focused on arts and nature, recognizing the value of fostering creativity, wellness, and a deep connection to our environment. Many participants voiced the need for more opportunities for community engagement, underlining the importance of creating spaces and events where neighbors can come together, build relationships, and collaborate on initiatives that enhance our collective well-being. These insights have been invaluable in shaping the direction of our new resource library, ensuring it truly reflects and serves the diverse needs of our community.

We're excited to invite you to explore our new resource library. Whether you're seeking information for yourself, looking to assist a friend, or curious about local organizations and collectives you might join, there's something for everyone. As the weather gets warmer we encourage you to get involved and be a part of what's going on in our vibrant community.

A Library that Evolves with Us

If we are missing a vital resource from this list contact us at the button below! Your continued input is essential to the evolution and effectiveness of this guide. This resource library is a testament to our collective effort and shared vision for a supportive, inclusive, and empowered community.

In times of struggle, we often rely on family members and friends to assist us. These personal networks can provide emotional support, practical help, and a sense of security. However, if you don't have that support to fall back on, it can be incredibly challenging to navigate structural barriers on your own. This lack of a support network can lead to people falling through the cracks, feeling isolated, or unable to access the help they need.

Recognizing this gap, our resource library aims to bridge the divide by offering a comprehensive collection of information, services, and programs. At PPNA, we are committed to caring for one another, as part of a larger community of diverse individuals with diverse needs. By making these resources free and accessible, we hope to share and reinforce the incredible ecosystems of care that already exist in our community. Together, we can do our part in helping each other meet basic survival needs, when the systems in place fall short.

Community Building & Pods

In addition to being aware of resources to share, this library also acknowledges the importance of knowing about opportunities for gathering and community engagement. Local community events, harm reduction workshops, volunteer opportunities at food shelves, and interpersonal gatherings provide more than just social interaction; they offer a chance to build new support networks, share experiences, and foster a sense of belonging. These connections, also known as "pods", are a specific type of consent-based relationship within community.

"...These would be the people in our lives that we would call on to support us with things such as our immediate and on-going safety, accountability and transformation of behaviors, or individual and collective healing and resiliency." - Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective

Dive In & Share the PPNA Resource Library!

By actively exchanging information about available services and programs, and promoting opportunities for community involvement, we can do our part to ensure that no one has to face their struggles alone. Our resource library aims to prevent people and loved ones from falling through the cracks and offers them the support and resources they need to overcome challenges and thrive within our community. This initiative is about more than just providing information; it's about building a resilient community where everyone feels supported and valued. It's about creating a network of care that extends beyond individual households to encompass the entire neighborhood, ensuring that help is always within reach.

Visit our new resource library today and start exploring the information available. Thank you so much to the survey participants. By sharing this resource library, you will help connect those in need with vital resources and help us build a more supportive and inclusive community. Together, we are building a stronger, more resilient community for everyone.

Editor: Ren Koo


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