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Street Improvements Planned: Fowell Project, 2023

From the City of Minneapolis, Public Works

Resurfacing is planned for parts of Powderhorn Park neighborhood (see the map below) and focused on replacing the aging asphalt pavement is a new asphalt pavement.

Resurfacing has been successfully used to extend the life of over 350 miles of city streets to date. There are no planned geometric changes or stormwater improvements. So the street width and alignment will not change. As a part of the financing for this work there will be a special assessment levied to adjacent property owners. The typical average cost is around $1,200 dollars for five years, or around $250 dollars a year (including interest). There will be a public hearing scheduled in the mid-winter in 2023.

There is a meeting being planned for Winter 2022. PPNA will share updated information as it becomes available.


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