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5 Nights Out In The Neighborhood

Photo Credit: Jillian Helleloid

Zumba and Happy Hour

Work up an appetite at free Zumba at Powderhorn Park ! Her classes are noted to be extraordinarily fun, and comfortable for all fitness levels. Then head over to Jakeeno’s Pizza and Pasta (Best of Powderhorn Winner!) for their Happy Hour (8-10 p.m. daily)!

Photo Credit: Alison Behnke

Vintage Music and a Home Cooked Meal

Two long standing neighborhood gems make for a romantic evening. Check out Vintage Music to discover records from years past. Then head to Everett's Food & Meats across the street to get supplies for a home cooked meal.

Photo Credit: Jillian Helleloid

Marla’s and a Movie

Marla’s Caribbean Cuisine is a long standing neighborhood and food critic favorite! Enjoy spicy comfort food to kick off your night then head over to Movies on 35th Street to top off your cozy evening.

Trivia, A Meal and A Meat Raffle

Best of Powderhorn 2018 'Happy Hour & Date Night' winner The Cardinal Restaurant and Bar has your entire evening covered! Every Wednesday they have trivia and a meat raffle, making great food and a comfortable atmosphere even more enjoyable.

Photo Credit: Tommy Nolan

Explore At The Midtown Global Market

Over 50 merchants representing 22 cultures right down Lake Street! Browse gifts, home goods, jewelry, clothing and more. Then grab food at one of 16 food stalls or two sit down restaurants.

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