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2019 in Review: Powderhorn Porchfest

Our annual Powderhorn Porchfest was a huge success this year! We saw thousands of neighbors dancing, laughing, eating, singing, and playing in the street on 17th Avenue. With over 20 musical acts ranging from Russian Folk music to Hip Hop to big brass, the diversity of Powderhorn was represented both on and off stage.

In 2019, we began a legacy of connecting Porchfest to Housing Justice. Joined by Avenues for Homeless Youth, My Very Own Bed, and Make Homes Happen, we provided resources for our community members to support Housing Justice work in Minneapolis and raised funds to not only fuel 2020’s Porchfest but also fuel PPNA’s advocacy work.

In fact, many community members purchased a Mission Ticket or stopped by the Poetry Mobile where Make Homes Happen teamed up with Powderhorn Poet, Molly Van Avery, and created poems about what home means to them. Molly later used themes from those poems and created a poem, “Shelter Us,” that Make Homes Happen used to advocate with City Council Members for more dollars in affordable housing.

We did that together! Read the poem below:



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