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How to Improve Safety on Your Block!

Spring is here, and we know warmer weather means more activity of all kinds in Powderhorn! While we love seeing the park busy with joggers, dog-walkers, sports, and more, sometimes the increased activity is the kind that makes neighbors feel less safe. We've heard over and over from our community that safety and livability are a huge priority. That's why it's one of the three pillars of our Resource-Centered Platform.

While we are working on advocating for City resources to improve safety and livability, there are some great things YOU can do on your block to ensure it's a great place to live! Here are the top 5 ways we've seen neighbors improve life on their block:

1. Hang out outside! Sit on your porch, do some gardening, or blow bubbles! Generally, when community members see that residents are enjoying their home, they respect that space.

2. Meet your neighbors! You can join a block club or just introduce yourself people living around you! Chances are, they want to see the block improve, too. You can work together on some of the other steps below. There's power in organizing!

3. Pick up trash! While we feel the City needs to invest in better trash pickup in our neighborhood, we also know that this is an easy way to take pride in where you live. Many people may be more inclined to leave their trash behind if there's already a collection building. Either way, you can feel proud that your block is clean!

photo credit: Melissa Iantaffi-Wright

4. Art and Flowers! Work with your neighbors to paint murals on garages in the alley or plant flowers along the sidewalks. Again, by taking pride and making your block a beautiful place, you'll encourage others to see the same.

5. Cameras and Lighting! These are resources we are asking the City to invest in, but if you're willing to personally invest in your block, you can add outdoor lighting and cameras. Often, the cameras don't even need to be operating. Many lights can be set on a timer to stay on through high-traffic hours after dark.

If you'd like to help us advocate with our City Elected Leaders for more City resources, you can join us for our Day at City Hall on May 21st! Email Cori at if you plan to attend!

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