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PPNA Opposes the MMHA's  "Safe and Affordable" Campaign & Supports Proposed Renter

This past week the Powderhorn Neighborhood board unanimously voted to oppose the Minnesota Multi Housing Association's "Safe and Affordable" campaign and to defend the two renters' protections currently proposed by City Council.


Councilmembers Ellison and Bender have proposed two protections for renters:

  1. A cap on security deposits and pet deposits

  2. Security deposit cannot be more than half of one month's rent (if the landlord is already asking for last month's rent)

  3. If the landlord does not ask for last month's rent up front, security deposit cannot be higher than 1 month's rent

  4. Pet deposits cannot be higher than 1/4th of one month's rent.

  5. And more... (link to full policy)

  6. A policy that prevents housing managers from denying housing to individuals based on their credit score or criminal record.

  7. Landlord cannot deny housing for misdemeanor convictions older than 2 years

  8. Landlord cannot deny housing for felony convictions (some exclusions) older than 5 years old

  9. Landlord cannot deny housing for credit scores if it is over 500

  10. and more... (link to full policy)

The first protection aligns with Powderhorn Neighborhood's value to assist low-income/low-wealth renters in accessing housing by reducing front-end fees. The second protection aligns with our value to aid the most-vulnerable members of our communities in accessing basic resources. Lack of housing is a contributor to recidivism, and we do not support in the continued exclusion of those with criminal records or low credit scores from participating in society and ascertaining basic needs.


Powderhorn Neighborhood supports general renters protections based on our priority to advocate for affordable housing for those most-marginalized. Powderhorn Neighborhood staff have attended two community meetings over the past year led by Council Members Ellison & Bender as they were building these policies. In those meetings, renters, renter groups, and community advocates all asked for expanded protections that included the two discussed ordinances. They also asked for more renting policies such as Rent Control, Just Cause Eviction, and a ban on all criminal record discrimination.


The Minnesota Multi Housing Association is a non-profit trade organization representing multi-housing management and property groups. You may have seen the brightly colored lawn signs from their city-wide campaign opposing the two renters' protections. They state that the protections would raise rents and create an unsafe living environment if landlords are not able to exclude and vet applicants who have low-credit scores or criminal record from more than 2-5 years ago. MHA's platform here.

Watch this video from the Alliance MN about how these protections will actually protect renters and cut these large landlord's profits.

For more information or to get involved in renters' rights work, email

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