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Mi Boleto Travel

I still remember the first time I planned a trip on my own. A friend and I went to Europe, and the stress of booking, locating, and paying for transportation and lodging in 4 countries nearly wore me out before the trip even started.

Mi Boleto Travel has the solution – they’ll take all the stressful parts out of travel planning so you can enjoy your family vacation, business trip, or honeymoon to the fullest. When you walk into their office on Bloomington Avenue, you are greeted by a row of smiling, bilingual agents eager to help you get your dream trip.

Best of all, owner Daniel Farias cares deeply about the Powderhorn community. Currently serving on the board at Powderhorn Park Neighborhood, Daniel is a community leader. He continually looks for ways to support the work being done in the community and to invest in Powderhorn, and we are lucky to have him and his business.

When the time rolls around to plan your next getaway, be sure to stop in and visit Daniel and his team. They’ll be happy to help you out!

Mi Boleto Travel

3060 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407



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