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Dulceria Bakery

Dulce means “sweet” in Spanish, and it’s such a fitting name for the owner of Dulceria Bakery. Hearing Dulce Monterrubio talk about her pastries and recipes, it is undeniable that each one is crafted with love. Her recipes have been adapted and handed down from her family in Mexico as well as other traditional Central American desserts and feature flavors of guava, chile, amaranth, cajeta, and more. Plus, many of the recipes are vegan and/or gluten free.

Until now, Dulceria has been operating at pop-up events and farmers markets, but they recently purchased a new store front and are excited to begin serving beverages, including Mexican hot chocolate and horchata served both hot and cold (Dulce says it’s the new trend in Mexico). Pay them a visit at 42nd and Cedar!

Dulceria Bakery

1839 E 42nd St

Minneapolis, MN 55407



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