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MPD 3rd Precinct Future Location: PPNA Believes Deeper Community Engagement Is Needed

PPNA Letter to Mayor Jacob Frey and Council Member Jason Chavez, Ward 9:

Dear Mayor Frey and Council Member Chavez,

Regarding the pending decision pertaining to the future location of the MPD 3rd Precinct Station, the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA) believes it imperative that the City take steps to provide more clarity, coordination, and resources to reasonably enable the citizenry’s ability to understand, engage, and influence this consequential decision-making process.

The association recognizes that the City contracted with DeYoung Consulting Services, who also subcontracted with the Longfellow Community Council (LCC), to support some degree of community engagement, which included five listening sessions which took place within the span of nine days. Unfortunately, in addition to the condensed timeframe during which the sessions occurred, these opportunities were promoted for less than 30 days. PPNA believes that both factors have negatively contributed to enabling a clear understanding of, and confidence in how community input will influence the decision of the future location of the MPD 3rd Precinct Station.

While the listening sessions may be part of a broader body of intended engagement, the City has not communicated this in a fashion that PPNA believes the average citizen, and community-based

City stakeholders can understand. Considering the tragic murder of George Perry Floyd Jr. is intricately woven into why a decision on the future location of the MPD 3rd Precinct Station is needed, the association believes the process and resulting decision must reflect a radical degree of thoughtfulness that centers the communities most directly affected.

PPNA understands that the process of governing is challenging, and yet we believe the health and strength of our community is best supported when the act of governing meets the moment and serves the people. As a result, the association supports the following actions and guidance put forward by Longfellow Community Council:

  1. Develop a new timeline to be completed no later than May 2024, for defining a shared community vision for what a new facility or facilities should be, and how the former site of the MPD 3rd Precinct should serve the community.

  2. Support an intentional and respectful outreach process to allow residents and business owners of the third precinct to more comprehensively weigh in on the location of the MPD 3rd Precinct Station and public safety in general.

  3. Ensure the outreach process is community-led and managed by neighborhood organizations and other community organizations, not the City of Minneapolis, with a focus on restorative justice.

  4. Reject any decision made about the MPD 3rd Precinct Station until a new community-centered engagement process has been carried out.

Respectfully submitted, Tabitha Montgomery | PPNA - Executive Director


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