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Important Changes Ahead: Feedback Survey Responses

Thank you to all those who responded to our survey with honest feedback. This is what you said.

Overall Rating: 4.33

General Stats

100% are happy with the frequency of the newsletter at once a week.

90% thought the length of the newsletter was Just Right! 10% said it was too short.

You rated the design of the Powderhorn Press 50/50 between 4 and 5.

2/3 of you are enjoying "Coffee Break" jigsaw puzzles!  

I'm so glad the length and frequency of the Powderhorn Press fits your needs! We hope to improve "Coffee Break" by including additional features listed below. We are both humbled and motivated by the overall rating you gave Powderhorn Press. Change creates opportunities for improvement, and we know now more than ever before what our beloved readers (you) are looking for!


You hoped for the following content:

100% Upcoming PPNA Hosted Events

30% Local Events in the Twin Cities

60% of Stories about Community Members & Volunteer Opportunities

80% Community Resources & Local News and Policy Changes

10% Stories of Personal Healing and Service

10% Other

This is so helpful to know. We will continue to meet your needs and expectations around PPNA Hosted Events and we are thrilled at the opportunity for growth in terms of our content! We have considered doing some Community Spotlights around local community members and businesses within Powderhorn. If you have someone in mind to spotlight, please email us at with the subject line, "Community Spotlight". Moving forward, I will be more mindful to include community resources and local news/policy changes that are relevant to Powderhorn!

You explicitly requested:

A section on various healing modalities

Events focused on helping our neighborhood

As a practicing meditator, I love the idea of including healing modalities in the newsletter! We also want to hear from you if you have any healing resources to share with the rest of the community. Please submit your resources in the Coffee Break Submission Form.

We will keep a lookout for events focused on helping our neighborhood. We admired how so many of you stepped up to be stewards for the Community Garden in Powderhorn. The collective compassion and care from our vibrant community continues to inspire us every day. #PowderhornPride

Potential Coffee Break Features:

66.7% selected recipes

83.3% selected quotes/words of wisdom

16.7% selected other puzzles and other

50% selected fun facts & wellness/lifestyle tips


50% would be willing to submit to the above categories to be featured in "Coffee Break"

37.5% said maybe

12.5% said no


Additional ideas for improvement:

Healing modalities to be shared with neighbors

Seasonal recipes related to the communal gardens throughout the neighborhood

We love that a handful of you are enjoying the puzzles featured in Coffee Break. We also know, that puzzles aren't for everyone and we are excited to "spice up" the section with ideas from the community! Please submit your Coffee Break ideas HERE.




Thank you so much to those who took time out of their busy lives to fill out this survey. Your insight has been immensely helpful! I plan to slowly integrate these amazing new ideas in direct response to your feedback.

Please continue to express your ideas and interests regarding changes to the Powderhorn Press so we can continue to uplift all the vibrant ideas and diverse voices of our beloved community.

Warm Regards,

Ren Koo | PPNA Communications Manager


Evans Theodore
Evans Theodore
a day ago

You tell great stories, no doubt about it. Thanks for letting us know about your blog fnaf


Jacob Courtney
Jacob Courtney
5 days ago

This is a positive and proactive message from PPNA, showing their commitment to meeting the community's needs and expectations. drive mad 2

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