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4 Resources to Get Ready For Winter

Photo Credit: David Pierini for Powderhorn365

Snow Emergency Information

It's important to stay up to date on Snow Emergencies in Minneapolis to avoid a ticket or towing. You can sign up for text or email updates and follow Minneapolis Snow Emergency on Facebook to help.

Photo Credit: Jon Vandervelde for Powderhorn365

Free Sand For Sidewalks

Keeping our sidewalks free of ice and snow is the neighborly thing to do, and it’s the law. For your own benefit and to help your neighbors, people pushing strollers or using wheelchairs, and the many people in Minneapolis who walk, please do your part. The City of Minneapolis offers free sand for sidewalks at several pick up sites. The East 27th Street location is the closest to Powderhorn (E. 27th Street, just east of Longfellow Avenue near the Public Works gate). Read more about this service here.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Lipetzky for Powderhorn365

Keeping Your Heat On

MN Cold Weather Rule: Minnesota's Cold Weather Rule helps homeowners and renters protect and reconnect heat during the winter months beginning October 15th. See MN Public Utilities Commission Cold Weather Rule or the Cold Weather Rule brochure for more information. The Community Action Partnership offers an Energy Assistance program that helps qualifying households pay for energy costs (like a heat bill). Learn more and apply here.

Photo Credit: Mark Warren for Powderhorn365

Snow Removal Help

If you are a senior or have a disability, you may qualify for assistance with snow removal. Check out this listing of resources for contact information to learn more and apply.


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sob adiet
sob adiet
May 22

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