• Hannah Kamath

Powderhorn in Motion...Plug-in and help fuel change

Powderhorn Park Sanctuary

  • On 6/17, MPRB approved plans committing to providing sanctuary space in Minneapolis parks for residents experiencing homelessness.

  • 600 community members have signed on to PPNA’s Powderhorn Sanctuary Petition calling on elected and appointed leaders across the City, County, & State to provide immediate supportive services and dignified housing to residents sheltering in park sanctuaries. Help us apply more pressure. Sign-up here to receive information about how to support direct actions in the coming days!

  • PPNA is hearing broad community backing for supporting residents in the sanctuary. However, significantly more resources are needed to do this well. Click HERE and sign-up to volunteer or donate. 

  • We’re also aware of and responding to various concerns. PPNA wants to continue to understand these views and provide updates on the community’s ultimate goal of driving elected leaders to act. Register