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Powderhorn in Motion...Plug-in and help fuel change

Powderhorn Park Sanctuary

  • On 6/17, MPRB approved plans committing to providing sanctuary space in Minneapolis parks for residents experiencing homelessness.

  • 600 community members have signed on to PPNA’s Powderhorn Sanctuary Petition calling on elected and appointed leaders across the City, County, & State to provide immediate supportive services and dignified housing to residents sheltering in park sanctuaries. Help us apply more pressure. Sign-up here to receive information about how to support direct actions in the coming days!

  • PPNA is hearing broad community backing for supporting residents in the sanctuary. However, significantly more resources are needed to do this well. Click HERE and sign-up to volunteer or donate. 

  • We’re also aware of and responding to various concerns. PPNA wants to continue to understand these views and provide updates on the community’s ultimate goal of driving elected leaders to act. Register HERE to join the first of a weekly Zoom meeting for the purpose of listening and sharing.

Community Health | Future of Policing

  • On 6/12, the Minneapolis City Council passed a unanimous resolution to begin a year-long process of community engagement and research to identify a transformative approach to public safety. 

  • Based on a recent 1 question PPNA survey, 100% of 53 respondents either strongly disagree or disagree that “No changes to MPD are necessary to improve community health.”  And, 97.8% either strongly agree or agree that we should, “Reduce the role that MPD plays in current oversight of livability and safety by adding investment in non-lethal response and service organizations.” Help us increase our data, take the survey HERE. This is the first step, and one way, that PPNA will collect community input to share with electeds about the type of safety resources we deserve.

  • PPNA is in the process of designing an outreach plan to collect community input. This includes deploying canvassers, hosting small group conversations, additional surveys, and a safety fair that highlights existing and alternative resources that support livability.

George Floyd Memorial

  • Hundreds, if not thousands, of people are visiting and leaving an offering at the George Floyd memorial every day.

  • Make plans to participate in an upcoming in-person or online Town Hall to share your voice. Dates and registration details will be shared early next week!

  • PPNA is following and partnering with an amazing group of community members who are interested in understanding if the broader community is interested in taking steps to preserve elements within the memorial. 

Renter Support Fund

  • We received over $8,200 in donations to support this fund. Thank you to everyone who was able to give. These resources will provide $900 of cash assistance to an additional 9 renters who are cost-burdened in our upcoming 3rd quarter drawing.

  • If you, or someone you know, need support and are a renter please apply HERE between June 25th and June 29th at noon.


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