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Stay current on some of the key efforts to advance community wellbeing in and around Powderhorn.


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Building capacity to support Environmental Justice

March 2022

PPNA is hiring its first-ever Environmental Justice Community Coordinator!  This is a full-time position made possible by a collaboration with HOUR Car and the Payne Phalen Community Council in St. Paul.


The position will allow PPNA to increase and deepen efforts that help improve environmental and energy justice in our community. We anticipate the new staff member will begin the first week of April 2022.

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38th Street United is seeking Review Panel Members

March 2022

PPNA is a member of 38th Street United (38SU), an emerging coalition focused on ensuring material resources are available to support a range of physical and community development.


38SU is currently looking for folks to apply to a review panel that will help select projects to receive Main Street Revitalization Funds provided by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economics (DEED).


  Fast Facts  

The Minneapolis City Planning Commission (CPC) approved 36 major projects in 2021. Only one major project, located at 2837 11th Avenue South is in Ward 9, which is 2.7% of major projects. 




PPNA is fundraising for the Renter Support Fund

March 2022

PPNA is raising funds to sustain the Renter Support Fund, a low-barrier program that provides direct rental assistance to Minneapolis renters. In 2021, the fund provided $900 to 335 cost-burdened renters with a $300,000 contract from the City. We need to raise $24,300 to continue operating the program in 2022, and we are currently just under 20% of our goal.


Consider donating today and support housing stability for those who need it most



PPNA is identifying programs that focus on community health

March 2022

PPNA is conducting an analysis of various public safety expenditures and outcomes. We are working to identify and summarize the programs within the City and County that focus on community well-being and violence prevention.


We intend for this information to help community members develop a clear point of view on where additional investments can be made to strengthen community wellbeing and reduce forms of harm.

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  Fast Facts  

The 2022 City Council adopted a budget that earmarks 2.3% ($37.3 million) of total expenditures for the City’s Health Department, which includes things like the Office of Violence Prevention. In comparison, the budget earmarks 12.3% of all expenditures ($193.1 million) for the City’s Police Department