PPNA Advocacy Priorities

We hear from hundreds of residents, business owners, and partners each year to guide our priorities. These include:

Livability & Safety


We desire a safe and livable neighborhood. Knowing your neighbors and supporting local businesses can help. We also believe more City, County, and State resources are needed to support communities disproportionately affected by crime. 


Our community can shape and influence the current city-wide direction around how we invest in the tools, people, and places that can best keep us safe.

A key step necessary to make our preferences known involves educating ourselves on things like:

Existing investments and efficacy in our law enforcement, court systems, and corrections. 


Understanding what investments are made in support of crime prevention and the impact of these resources.  

This includes the recent pilot programs for emergency mental health response and routing some calls to 311 instead of the Minneapolis Police Department


This is the same kind of information that the Minneapolis City Council will use in their process of “Transforming Community Safety"

We surveyed the community to understand priorities for safety and livability. You can read the report here. In 2021, we plan to host a series of town halls and community conversations to understand how recent investments are impacting safety in our community. Find information about upcoming meetings on our calendar.

Equitable Development


Community preferences and priorities must be reflected in development projects. We advocate for better ordinances, processes, and tools that will ensure community voices shape development.


Our community can support development policies and projects that reflect our values. In June of 2020, PPNA’s Board of Directors adopted four principles for development:


Health over Wealth

Voices over Speed

Affordable over Business-as-Usual

Community Development over Profit Development

See the full overview here. And send comments or questions to info@ppna.org

We know our community was hit hard by the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent Civil Uprisings. We are proud to be part of coalitions and collaborations aimed at ensuring that our community recovers stronger and healthier than before. One example of this is our work with REACH Twin Cities, where you can soon find information about the people, places, and policies striving for a strong community.  Check back to explore REACH!

You will also find opportunities to get involved, share your opinion, or show up to meetings and events.  Find information on our calendar page here.

Housing Justice


Housing is a human right. We partner with dozens of organizations to champion things like tenant protections, more affordable units, and low to no barrier access for the most vulnerable.


We can help support housing stability for cost-burdened renters. Donate to the Minneapolis Renters Coalition – Renter Support Fund or share the information with a renter in your network whom you believe has a need.

Let’s continue to demand that City and County elected and appointed leaders to invest in the services, housing, and systems they described in their December 2006 report entitled “The 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness in Minneapolis and Hennepin County.”

Our organization continues to seek out opportunities to support low-income renters in Minneapolis. This includes advocating for policies like Tenant Opportunity to Purchase, the extension of the Governor’s Eviction Moratorium, and deeply-affordable housing in our community.

Stay connected and aware of how a number of community partner groups and organizations are pushing to improve the quality, affordability, and accessibility of housing throughout the city and state. These include:


City of Lakes Community Land Trust

Clare Housing


Housing Link

Inquilinxs Unidxs Por Justicia

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Advocacy Platform


Learn more about PPNA’s advocacy priorities here.  Contact Julia Hobart, julia@ppna.org, to learn ways you can help advocate for our community.