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Stay current on some of the key efforts to advance community wellbeing in and around Powderhorn.


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Building capacity to support Environmental Justice

June 2022

This year, PPNA has brought on board Hindolo Pokawa as PPNA’s first Environmental Justice Community Coordinator to steer the work of Environmental Justice in Powderhorn Park Community and beyond. The Environmental Justice work would include several announcements in the weeks and months to come, stay tuned.

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There’s still time to apply for Main Street Revitalization funds!

​Businesses or nonprofits near 38th Street can still apply for redevelopment funding through the Main Street Economic Revitalization Grant. Out of the 50 applications submitted so far to the Minneapolis Foundation, just six have been for projects along the 38th Street Cultural Corridor. If you’re a business or property owner seeking redevelopment funding, there’s still time to apply. Limited funds are available, so apply soon!


  Fast Facts  

New research from the Minneapolis Federal Reserve confirms what many already know: that neighborhoods, where a majority of residents are people of color, are more likely to be denied access to credit based on credit score. PPNA believes development should reflect and be shaped by the voices and values of the community. Things like access to credit and flexible capital can help community developers bring community-based projects to life. 




Longfellow Community Council (LCC) partners with the Renter Support Fund

September 2022

PPNA is excited to announce that we are partnering with the Longfellow Community Council (LCC) to offer rental assistance to 32 Longfellow renters this fall! Cost-burdened renters living in Greater Longfellow can apply to the Renter Support Fund starting September 5. 


More resources are needed for renters across Minneapolis. Last month, over 300 renters applied for the Renter Support Fund, and we could only fund four. If you or your employer are interested in supporting renters in Minneapolis, consider making a donation today. To learn more about your giving options, email or call Julia at julia@ppna.org or 612-446-4661. 


  Fast Facts  

As of July 2022, there are no vacant rental units in Minneapolis affordable to those who earn 30% or less of the Area Median Income (AMI). In Powderhorn Park, 41.2% of renter households are cost-burdened, meaning they spend more than they can afford on housing costs.


Evictions have spiked since June 2022, when the final restrictions under Minnesota’s eviction moratorium ended. With no additional state funding for rental assistance, renters across Minnesota are struggling to pay off $144,700,000 in rent debt.



PPNA believes safety is holistic and well-resourced. 

September 2022

As the City of Minneapolis invests more resources into policing (see Mayor Frey’s proposed budget here), we will use our voice to elevate various investments that can help prevent violence and reduce harm in our community. Get connected to organizations and individuals working to promote safety and wellness here.

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  Fast Facts  

Cities across the United States have experienced an increase in community violence since the start of COVID-19. This year, violent crime levels in Minneapolis are 27.6% higher than they were in 2019. 


Gun violence continues to affect the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood, which in 2022 has had the sixth-highest rate of gunshot wound victims in the city. Yet increased investments in reactive safety measures has not proven to be effective in substantially reducing gun violence.