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Meet Shruthi Kamisetty

Shruthi Kamisetty is involved all over the place. She helps co-organize and co-create online and offline spaces for Femmes, Trans folks and Women with FOR US (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and Grease Rag. Shruthi is involved in a couple of social justice cohorts: SPEAC at Hope Community and The Giving Project at Headwaters Foundation for Justice, and looks for ways to support other FTWs and actively invest in cross-cultural and cross-class community and solidarity, always working to create a community and listen with intention!

Shruthi says, “My community is important to me and I work hard to build that! I sit down with movers and shakers and organizers and people that care, for one to ones so that we can build with each other. Creating deep relationships is key to this work!”

When asked why she does this work, Shruthi answered: “I do this because I'm angry. I do this because I care. I do this because my life depends on it, in many ways. I do this because I want to feel belonging. I think the world can be so different - what would our lives look like and feel like and smell like if we centered healing, resiliency and joy? If we thought of our relationships as transformative rather than transactional. What does it mean to affirm life especially, life of those that are BIPOC, FTW, QT and poor, working class, disabled etc.”

Shruthi loves to read and ride her bike on group rides and with friends especially on cool summer nights starting at the full moon!



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